The learning expeditions on Chalhoub University are of two types: either nominated or self-enrolment. Once you arrive on the course details page, you can click/tap on ‘Enrol Me’ to get started with your learning immediately. If it’s a nomination based course, select ‘Register’ to request access.
Customize your profile on Chalhoub University by adding your picture through ‘My Explorer Profile’. Click/Tap on your name and select ‘My Explorer Profile’. Choose ‘Edit Profile’ and in the ‘User Picture’ section, select the paper icon to get started. Select ‘Upload a File’ and ‘Choose File’ to search for your picture. Select ‘Upload this File’ and ‘Update Profile’ at the end of the page, and you’re done!
Once you have enrolled, you can sign up for one of the workshop sessions that suit your schedule. Navigate on the course page to the workshop activity and click/tap ‘Sign-up’ next to the session you would like to attend. If none are currently available, sign up to the waitlist and we will contact you via email once further sessions become available
When you sign up to a workshop session you will receive an email notification that contains an iCal attachment. Open this attachment, set the reminder, and save.
If you are not able to attend a self-booked session, you can cancel and rebook from the course page on Chalhoub University. Locate the workshop on the course page, select ‘View all sessions’ and click/tap ‘Cancel booking’. Enter the reason for cancelling and select ‘Yes’ to finish. Now you will be able to book on another date.
Please email us on and we will reschedule you to the next available date
The link to join the session and password would have been emailed to you when you signed up. You can view it in both the email and the calendar item. Please email if you are not able to locate it or didn’t receive one.
Mark activities as complete by selecting the circle/bubble next to the title of the activity. Certain activities such as session attendance can only be marked complete by your facilitator. Track your activity completion progress within a course by viewing the course completion information on the top right side of the page.
Once you have attended a session, select the "Learning Evaluation form" in the course . Ensure to choose that the right session name, session data and facilitator (if you’re not sure of these details, further information on the session can be found on the calendar). Share your feedback on the session, facilitator and any additional feedback. All learning forms are anonymous so share thoughts without any reservations!
Complete all activities in the course including the learning evaluation form. Once completed, choose the certificate activity to view and download your certificate. The certificate displays your date of completion, course name and is ready to share on your social media platforms!
Expeditions have a progress bar that increases to 100% as expedition activities are completed. You can access your outstanding expeditions under the My Expeditions section on your My Learning dashboard. Here you can also access your completed or Past expeditions, and saved or Starred expeditions using the tabs available